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Superman Is Dead My Girlfriend Is Pregnant
Lagu Superman Is Dead My Girlfriend Is Pregnant Mp3

Nama:Superman Is Dead My Girlfriend Is Pregnant
Diupdate:17 September 2014 (5 years ago)
Disukai:65 Orang
Dilihat:oleh 41,161 orang

Lyric Lagu:

My girldfriend is pregnant
I can not believe what have done
My girlfriend is pregnant
Something’s left inside
It’s happened
My brain is stacking,
Got no place to hide
She still arround me
Oh no i can’t run
Suicide infront of me
So what to do
Remember she loves me
And it’s make me kind

Luck is not on my side
I found that i’ve lost my brain
Please help me
Out this blinded mind
To face reality

Oh no, this is a story
This is a story of human life
Marriage, it just the last style
It just the last style
Of human game

Why do i have to run
It just a part of a game
Marriage can be more tasty
And fantasy than suicide

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