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Pas Band Paris
Lagu Pas Band Paris Mp3

Nama:Pas Band Paris
Diupdate: December (50 years ago)
Disukai: Orang
Dilihat:oleh 18,586 orang

Lyric Lagu:

#1 i still remember the lovely smile on your face
Your eyes shinning and meaning crazy diamond
And barking at the moonlight
Always stand by me,and be strong when im falling

Bridge : think ill leave’it all behind
Save this bleeding heart of mind
Think ill leave’it all behind
Without ya im not be alrghit

Reff: paris why ya leave me here forever
Your shadow like a dynamit
I just wanna live with you forever
I believe you’re in heaven now

#2 some people understand
Its so hard loosing something
Thingking bout ma dog
Its better then a human
I must realized
Now you were gone
And i beleive god keeping her in heaven

Back to bride and reff....

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